Sink In

Alone in the house 2 days before Christmas wrapping presents and listening to my Spotify curated “top songs of 2018” and I’m letting this year sink in.  Letting it sit in my bones and realizing how wonderful it has been.   I have filled my year with live music and attended more concerts than I … More Sink In

the Magic of Music

I’ve cried more this week then my recent memory can recall.   I sobbed in my car over the Las Vegas tragedy and how so many innocent lives were stolen by the hate that filled one soul.   I tried to wrap my brain around the senseless tragedy and when no possible comprehension could be found, the tears … More the Magic of Music

“I refuse to look back thinking days were better”

The Hunna – ‘You & Me’ – I’ve been obsessing over this song and band for the last couple months.  It appeals to all my hot buttons for Brit Rock, long-haired boys and singing at the top of my lungs. My little rocker heart bursts open with every drawn out “yoooouuuuuu and meeeheeee”. Chainsmokers feat. … More “I refuse to look back thinking days were better”