“waiting for the world to come along”

This week in MY world of music, I brought back a favorite from last year.  George Ezra’s ‘Blame It On Me’.  This song immediately makes me bust out my best sultry singing pipes in an attempt to channel my inner Mr. Ezra and his one of a kind voice. If you are lucky enough to be in the car on a beautiful day, where windows can be rolled down and dial turned up…then this song is a sure-fire mood lifter. 

POP ETC, ‘What Am I Becoming?’.  If I played this song once I played it 100 times.  It got into my blood and I didn’t want it to stop.   Catchy as hell with lyrics like, “I couldn’t smell the smoke and now I watch the flames”, this tune resonates on so many emotional levels.  Whether the monotony of work is leading me to beat my head up against the wall OR I’m simply trying to figure out when I started liking Bieber’s music – this song serves as a perfect companion for making it through the daily grind.

Pearl Jam, ‘Better Man’.  I took a long stroll down memory lane with this one.   I was a card-carrying member of the club that survived adolescence believing this song was their mantra.   Our twenties are comprised of an equal number of meaningful and meaningless conversations, some of which included thought-provoking gems like “What would the title of your autobiography be?”  Without hesitation, every single time, “Better Man” was my answer.   From the first strained guitar slide to Eddie’s beautiful breathy “Waiting”, this song infects my psyche – always has and always will.

Seeing Pearl Jam live has always been on my husbands must do list, so when the opportunity presented itself to make it a guys night out in Philly – there was no question that he would be in attendance.   While my Friday evening was filed with projectile purple vomit, courtesy of my daughters’ grape Popsicle, and the dog dropping a load on the carpet – my husband was serenaded with 3 hours of ageless rock icons playing to a sold out arena.    I may have drifted off to sleep with a slight bitterness, however all was forgotten when the first thing I laid my eyes on this morning was the video he shot of “Better Man” live.   This man gets me, he knows me, he IS my better man.





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