Adulting Is Hard

I am currently in the throes of a full on assault from the obligations & responsibilities that make up my daily routine.   Some weeks just seem so much harder than others.    Much of the time when I hit the end of the week, I am patting myself on the back for making it through without losing my shit.  In our household, we keep our expectations low.    Do I still have a job?  Did everyone eat at least 2 meals per day?   Does everyone have on clean underwear?  Is the dog alive?     These are the markers of a successful week with extra points given for every time we stopped to laugh at ourselves.

But there are some weeks that just seem to have it out for you.   No amount of planning or positive thinking will help you avoid the pothole that lays ahead of you.    You simply have to buckle up and hope the damage at the end of the road is minimal.

Your best hope of pulling through the drudgery of such a week is finding those bright glimmers of joy that slyly present themselves as small, almost insignificant moments.   If you’re not careful , you could fail to recognize the importance of these moments and miss out on the smiles and laughs that will save you from yourself.

The spontaneous dance party that broke out in my kitchen with my three-year old daughters on a Wednesday evening was a welcomed reminder to not miss the glimmers.   As was the hour-long text message chain I had with my girlfriends today, which stole my attention away from the mounting piles of work on my desk, but more importantly nourished my need for uncontrollable laughter

These moments should not be overlooked, but should be sought after.   These are the moments we will return to when our smiles seem to be lost.  These are the moments that pair perfectly with pajama pants and wine on a rainy Friday night.   These are the moments that make even the darkest weeks seems brighter than the sun.




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