dog food and coffee

Tears were streaming down my face by 7:30 AM as I physically witnessed my 3 year-old girls grow up in front of me this morning.   This time of year is particularly crazy in our household, as dad’s work schedule is in high gear, which marries him to work instead of home.   Essentially I become a single parent for 87% of the time until his work obligations calm back down.   (a HUGE bow down for all the single parents who do this day in and day out, full-time, with no reprieve – you are my heroes).

To many, this will seem so minor, but to me, it was everything I needed on a Wednesday morning.   My little Bean told me she could feed the dog and then proceeded to walk down the stairs to the garage, open the dog food container, scoop out the perfect size portion, walk back up the stairs (without spilling any – she gets her grace from somewhere other than me),  opened the door to Peanuts’ room and then proceeded to make Peanut “sit” before doling out the breakfast.   As I embarrassingly hugged and praised her, she shoved me away to tell me that she still had to “put the scoop away, Mom”.    After she had fully completed her task, she then was willing to accept my praise, but with a knowing smirk and smugness, which she is perfecting into a signature trait, somewhere between flipping adorable and smarty pants.  (I love this quality about her).

Meanwhile my sweet Bug sat on the coffee counter effortlessly operating the Keurig Machine to make my coffee.  She gets such joy in being able to remove the K-Cup successfully and insert the new one, close the lid and push the right button, without any help or guidance from me.  Bug is way more receptive to praise and prefers to top off a task well done with a monstrous hug, kiss, high-five, fist bump combo.   This is the highest form of praise that can be received in our household.

1 Grinch

The best part about this small snippet of my morning, is that it was organically grown out of their need to help me successfully navigate through our morning routine.    They just wanted to help me, which is climbing the ranks as one of the greatest feelings in the world.   These precious little humans just wanted to lend their clumsy, often erratic Momma a hand.

And my heart grew three sizes that day.



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