Amos and the Queen

Last Monday, I finally had the pleasure of attending a show at ‘World Cafe Live at the Queen’, in Wilmington, DE..  My dearest Danielle had pushed her birthday celebration back to focus on the new mother love that was overwhelming her world.   But the time to sneak these new parents away for the evening & celebrate a belated birthday was finally here.   Her love of Amos Lee was the catalyst for this evening however we would all emerge with an invigorated appreciation for his beautiful music

Chelsea's Tavern


We were able to steal away early enough to enjoy a delicious dinner & few adult beverages at Chelsea’s Tavern before the show.   Now my praise could seem over enthusiastic due to the aptly named restaurant but truthfully, this restaurant is a gem & should not be overlooked when searching for a great meal & impressive beer list.   I recommend the black & white martini, if you are looking to satisfy a sweet craving with strong boozy kick.


World Cafe Live @ The Queen

The slow stroll to the Queen after dinner with the sun setting beautifully behind Market Street satiated my city girl craving and reaffirmed that happiness can indeed be found in the healthy tingle from a good martini and the company of great friends.  As we approach the Queen, this venue becomes a stunning reminder of the potential that lies within this city.   From the marquee entrance, to the intimate interior & simply appointed stage, its obvious that this restoration was a well thought out venture to marry the entertainment needs of the present with the structural beauty of the past.

Settling into our spot at the back of the room, we are thoroughly entertained by the long-standing opening act, Mutlu. His witty lyrics and melody were perfectly delivered.   However, the atmosphere shifted for us with the breezy entrance of the main act.   I have long loved Amos Lee’s music although I am unsure if I ever fully appreciated the pureness he brings to his craft until this night.

The room was made up mostly of couples both fresh & seasoned, who were pulling themselves closer to each other as Amos’ music demands.   This increased closeness caused the crowd to shift allowing for pockets to open up where we could squeeze closer toward the prime viewing real estate.     The gained feet were few, but seemed to enhance the experience ten fold.   The music was all at once familiar and brand new.   This man, this artist is dripping in pure talent.  When his mouth opens the most soulful, melodic sounds comes spilling out without even the appearance of an effort.  His music, lyrics and voice are intoxicating and are best experienced live.  If the opportunity ever presents itself, do not let it pass.

Amos Lee

The memory of this recent evening has brought about several lingering realizations.    The first being that live music is a requirement in my life.  My fire is fully fueled when I am face to face with those voices that live daily in my speakers.

Secondly, supporting local entrepreneurs should be on everyone’s must do lists.   Our towns and cities are filled with an abundance of businesses that deserve our patronage. I love exploring beyond our states borders, but being able to find treasures in our own backyard is inspiring.

Finally and far more superficially, I am left with the desire to see more men wearing vests.  Perhaps the sultry voice helped pull this look off, but either way,  Well Done Mr. Lee.   Well Done.


One thought on “Amos and the Queen

  1. Sounds like a great night out Chelsea! For the record, vests only work if you’re 1) skinny enough to wear one, 2) holding an instrument or leading your band, or 3) at a wedding where showing the vest is the first step of breaking down that uncomfortable tux on your way to a hangover. Enjoyed the read as always!

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