Shipping Up To Boston

I’m lucky enough to be married to a man who has always understood that my soul is soothed by quality time with friends.  When my BS meter starts running on high and my patience drop, he is usually the first to recognize that its been a while since I had a dinner with my lovelies or since he & I planned a trip away.



Perhaps one of the facets of our relationship that I feel most proud of is the friendships we share with other couples.   It’s not a given that all friends & partners will enjoy the company of each other, but when the intertwining is effortless, these shared friendships are blissful.  Being able to simultaneously spend time with each other while soaking up quality time with our best friends is flat-out good for our marriage.


And since the words,  “actually your husband was right”, are rarely uttered during girls nights out, its important for these group ventures to put us all back in check.   There are few things as entertaining as sitting around  and  being able to banter about BOTH sides of an argument.   I rarely laugh harder than once Mr. Donahue’s’ thick Boston accent hollers “Challenge” in response to some absurdity that us ladies have spewed as absolute men-truths.

The level of rawness and blunt hysteria that we share in this safe space makes it feel like home whenever we are all together.   It’s truly a judgement free zone where holding back isn’t just frowned upon, its detrimental to the comedy of errors / group therapy session that these weekends evolve into. Our comical assessments are not for the faint of heart.  But nothing is more liberating than being able openly discuss the daily grind with folks who will either commiserate with you or knock you off your high horse.

Which brings me to our recent trip north.  The adult thing to say here is that this trip was for exploring a historically significant city and really breathing in the antiquity that shades all of the crooked street corners.   Yes, this would be the appropriate way for me, as a grown up, to describe a weekend away with friends.   But appropriate is not something that typically slides across my lips and the truth is, this weekend was about blowing off steam for a group of friends that needed a fresh playground with booze as our line leader.

Harpoon BreweryWith family & friends in the Boston area, we are blessed with being able to ship up annually.  However,  with a Boston newbie in our midst, we needed to make sure we properly showed off this city in between our libations & chortles.  By the end of our short, two-day trip, we had successfully devoured several flights of UFO & soft pretzels at Harpoon Brewery and explored Seaport (and by explored, I do of course mean bar crawled our way from one end to the other).  We defiled some O shaped swings in the new community space, Lawn on D, shared pints and nachos at Black Rose (this is a tradition and we don’t buck with tradition).  Delighted our pallets with a  fantastic Italian dinner at Bricco in the North End, followed by devilishly strong and absolutely unnecessary late night drinks at the aptly named ‘Drink’.  Joined the masses by brunching on Newbury Street followed by strolling into shops whose price tags are beyond reason but not quite offensive enough to stop me from stroking the fabric and dreaming of a bigger bank account.   We strolled through Faneuil and Quincy Market, shared a pint in one of the oldest taverns in America, and even made a proverbial stop at Cheers (by far the most touristy thing I have ever done in Boston – but it was bound to happen at some point).

We topped off our trip with a Del Frisco’s dinner that included swoon worthy steak, a dangerous amount of martinis & a magnum bottle of ‘Prisoner’ wine that quite literally held our inhibitions prisoner for the rest of the evening.  We laughed to the point of gasping for air with no control as to the volume of the bursts that escaped our lips.   Our adult conversations sped past the point of appropriate so swiftly that we nearly ruined the anniversary dinner of the sweet couple seated behind us.  Luckily, we had the wherewithal to order them a dessert & take a few moments in between the expletives & wine pours to find out they also have twins, one of whom shares a name with our girls.   This couple was wildly sweet & forgiving of our boisterous group and by the end of our meals, I feel confident they would have followed us to the edge of the city for ‘Modern’ cannolis, if they were not otherwise engaged.    This crew has a way of making even the most pulled together couple want to jump ship and join our crazy train.

Waking up with a well deserved headache, a plane to catch and still giggling about the shenanigans that transpired is proof positive that these escapes are necessary to our mental well-being.  As we stumble further into adulthood, pretending real world responsibilities elude us is a lovely notion to live within for a few days, but reality always calls us home.  Without question, the beautifully imperfect reality we have built IS where our hearts reside, but its these escapes that are needed to feed our wild side.   Luckily we have a flooded camera roll of evidence to keep the laughter in our bellies until our next preposterously fun adventure with these incredible humans.

Canollis & Espresso Martinis



One thought on “Shipping Up To Boston

  1. I love your ode to friendship and all that flows from your transcriptions about adulthood! I feel like I was there – at least in spirit. It’s on point and should NEVER be censored, not even with a mangy blurry box. Wait a second, that doesn’t sound so good. You know what I mean.


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