Finding Your Style

Can we all just admit that finding a fashion foothold post thirty can almost feel a bit ridiculous?  Don’t we have bigger things to worry about?  Keeping our kids alive, not stabbing our significant others over a sink full of dishes, remembering to take our vitamins.   Any one of these should rank higher then finding a perfect pair of pants that make your hind quarters look as good as you feel in them.

The last two years of my life has been quite a fashion transformation for me.   Maybe it was the need to feel good about myself after making it through the first two years of motherhood.  Perhaps it was the realization that I was inching deeper into my thirties.  Whatever the catalyst was, something in me just snapped.

My morning routine, for as long as I could remember, included standing in my closet and surveying my clothes for something, anything, that would just get me through the day without offending people.   I never felt particularly confident in my choices and truthfully, didn’t care enough to try any harder.

This unshakable urge to wake up and pay attention to current fashion trends, led me to Stitch Fix which guided me to Pinterest, and thus my style board was born, which is likely still a sad collection of random outfits to anyone with a true eye for fashion but for me, it has served as a scratch pad for how to rediscover my confidence.

As I started pinning and purchasing my overall mood was being lifted.  My personal style has morphed dramatically as I have settled into what I truly love.  What I pinned 18 months ago felt more like what I ‘should’ have been wearing as opposed to what really peaked my interest.  I would have never imagined that words like ‘moto’, ‘bomber’, ‘fringe’, ‘distressed’, ‘edgy’, or ‘booties’ would ever find their way into my search fields, but here I sit, rocking my favorite leggings & summer ‘boots with the fringe’ (sung to the same tune as “boots with the fur”).   Fashion, in my humble option, is relative to the person wearing the clothes.   You MUST find what makes YOU feel like the best version of yourself.

Trust me when I say I do not have this all figured out, it’s an ever-growing process.  At this stage of my life, there is still a delicate balance between what I find intriguing, and what actually suits this three decades worn body.   I’m still completely baffled how rompers can look so sophisticated and comfortable on 20 something models & look like a misshapen, extra small toga on me.   Any single piece of clothing that simultaneously shows off your belly button and bum cheeks yet still requires assistance when you have to toilet is an absolute enigma to me.

Perhaps my most treasured discovery with this delve into the fashion world, was a better understanding of my own curves.   Spoiler Alert, blazers with shoulder pads were NOT designed to complement broad shoulders.    Figuring out what compliments my body type has virtually ended my aimless shopping for whatever is the best deal on the clearance rack at Kohls (although I’m still a sucker for those 30% off coupons).

Sure,  I spend a bit more time paying attention to the fashion week runways & creating my dream outfits on Polyvore, but searching for deals is still a necessity, which explains my restraint in NOT purchasing the entire ALLSAINTS look book.   Still,  my purchase choices now are much more thoughtful, even finding an occasional willingness to splurge.  Finally, instead of having a closet full of clothes that I don’t really care for, I am working on building a closet full of clothes that I absolutely adore.   But don’t be too worried, I am keeping the leather & fringe to a minimum.


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