“I refuse to look back thinking days were better”

The Hunna – ‘You & Me’ – I’ve been obsessing over this song and band for the last couple months.  It appeals to all my hot buttons for Brit Rock, long-haired boys and singing at the top of my lungs. My little rocker heart bursts open with every drawn out “yoooouuuuuu and meeeheeee”.

Chainsmokers feat. Halsey – ‘Closer’ – Cant. Stop. Listening.  This song has been a welcomed infection in my ear for the last month or so.  This song, the beat, the lyrics,  makes me dance,  turns me on,  and reminds me to stay young and passionate as long as I am physically able.   It also makes me want a tattoo on my shoulder and a Range Rover, but that’s neither here nor there.

machineheart – Stonecold – Music always catches my attention but the lyrics is why I fall in love with songs.   “Don’t pretend you wanna change when you don’t”.   Yup, been there, experienced that.   Put a haunting melody & voice behind those words and I am on my knees.

OneRepublic – ‘Kids’ – Perhaps its the recent passing of my birthday but this song brings an immediate feeling of nostalgia that litters my skin with goosebumps.  This song makes me want to spin, round in circles, hands out, eyes closed, head thrown back, zero cares.  Wouldn’t we all love to spend a week back in our youth; no responsibilities, wrapped up in ourselves with an entire world of possibilities and unknowns laid out in front of us.  I’d embrace my panache for being an absolute disaster knowing that I would eventually be just fine.


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