Get Yourself Friends that Can Do Both

Polishing off three bottles of wine while giggling till 3 am on a Friday evening doesn’t usually lend itself to an early rise & shine for those without children.   Netty barely flinched when little feet padded their way into her room at an ungodly hour that Saturday morning.    She simply rose from her slumber and curled into our morning family snuggle session.

It’s these little moments that always catch me off guard and swell my heart with love for the friends in my life.   Friends who will sit up playing card games and drinking beer with you till the sun rises one weekend and then strap in for two days of playing house the next. When I want to act like a reckless 20 something, she is who I call.  But when our husbands fly to California for the weekend, she is the same person who packs it in for errands, grocery trips, blow up pools, cooking dinners, giving baths & shuffling through the bedtime routines.


There is something inherently comforting about having a girlfriend stroll through the daily grind with you.   Standard practices turn into something much more jovial.   On the rare occasion that we grocery shop as a family, my need to dance up the aisles is a source of embarrassment for my husband.   But with your girlfriend in tow, it turns the snack aisle into a dance floor and elicits giggles from your children that make strangers three aisles away smile widely when they catch up to us.    Sure the task takes longer but the laughs are louder and what’s the rush anyway?

Filling my world with friends who can be both cohorts in crime and partners in life, is far and away one of my greatest achievements.






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