Stealing Kisses

Standing in line, waiting to board our plane home from Charlotte, I was drawn uncontrollably toward snogging my husband.  As of late, I often find myself unable to avoid peppering his face with little kisses.  Whispering borderline inappropriate wishes into his ear and genuinely soaking up the closeness I feel towards him.   Essentially, embarrassing him beyond the point of a natural blush.   Despite his best defensive efforts to keep my affections at bay, he’s often accosted by my advances anyway.   I enjoy these moments with him that feel so personal, though I often forget that audiences are everywhere.   Thinking of it now, I’m sure most people find it easy to ignore our dance. But the realization that we are not always overlooked came in the form of a sweet woman standing behind us as we inched closer to the plane.  She witnessed a pert peck and cheek nuzzle as well as our heads whipping around when she let out a giggle and approving nod.   After teasing Allen about his shyness now that the we had been caught, she proceeded to voice one of the loveliest compliments I have ever received.  “It’s sweet to see” she said, “you can tell just how in love you are”.

As adults, we float through life, managing our responsibilities and maneuvering the hurdles and somewhere, along the way, being in love slides down the list of daily to-dos.   We forget to kiss our spouse or listen to a recount of their day.   We bog ourselves down with household chores and insane schedules and simply forget that what got us here in the first place, was the butterflies this other person brought to life within us.   I’ve realized how necessary it is to date your spouse, reacquaint yourself with them regularly.   We don’t move through life being unaffected by our experiences; we are always evolving and growing.   Our tastes and goals change along with our journey.  If we continue to let life fly by without recognizing that ourselves AND our partners are transforming, then we will most certainly miss out on the pure joy of falling in love over and over again.

This lovely soul, who couldn’t mask her emotions in line behind us, not only affirmed how charming it is to spot a truly happy couple, but she also unknowingly validated my need to date, to court, to ‘woo’ if you will,  this man, my best friend.  And perhaps, fall just a bit more than we thought was possible.




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