the Magic of Music

I’ve cried more this week then my recent memory can recall.   I sobbed in my car over the Las Vegas tragedy and how so many innocent lives were stolen by the hate that filled one soul.   I tried to wrap my brain around the senseless tragedy and when no possible comprehension could be found, the tears fell.   I shed more tears when the passing of legendary lyricist and musician Tom Petty was announced.   I did not know him personally but we shared a personal relationship.   One where his words and music comforted me and elevated me through most of my life.  A relationship where he bared his heart in his music and I mirrored those emotions in my life.   Separated by generations and distance but leaving no less impact on who I am today.

That’s the beauty of the musician and listener relationship.  Its a bond, its a marriage that requires both parties to be raw and open and willing to be affected by someone they do not know.   They need us to hear them, their stories, their words, and sing back to them that we understand and feel the same.   We need them to tap into our own, often uncovered emotions and remind us that we are not alone and that no person is exempt from the good, bad and crazy that life throws our way.    Music is my most treasured companion in life.  Music has been both the question and the revelation; the wound and the healing; the road and the journey.

In a world where live music is becoming a desirable target for inflicting hate, my heart aches.   Concerts, festivals, shows are where labels can be checked at the door and masses of humans come together by a shared love.   Two people who would seem to have zero common ground, can stand shoulder to swaying shoulder singing their hearts out to songs that made them feel something in their core.  So then just how different could they really be??   These rooms, these shows, these are safe spaces in an otherwise scary world.   Instinct would tell us to steer clear of these places now that the risk seems greater.   But our hearts remind us that these spaces are where love mingles, where joy is infectious, where hearts heal and where we need to be, now more then ever.


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