Hi friends!   So this “About” section could be something that causes far too much inner reflection OR I could just attack it head on & type without giving too much thought.   (the latter seems to be the more productive option).   Technically I am an adult, and by adult I mean based solely on my age.   Truth be told, I spend much of this life behaving like an excitable teenager.   A fact I have learned to embrace in the years since I turned 30.  I have been lucky enough to surround myself with friends who light up my life.   My husband is the unquestionable perfect other half to all my crazy.   My twin daughters are the reason for my existence and the holders of my heart.  And my family are the beautifully nutty folks I have the pleasure of sharing DNA with.   My blessings in life are virtually immeasurable.

My random daily thoughts and over analysis of life can often times be deafening.   Perhaps the reason that my absolute favorite thing to do is share a drink with friends & talk until the paint peels off the walls.   Since real life prevents me from partaking in endless bottles of wine & days long talks with friends…this will become my substitution.   So pull up a stool, pour a glass & chat it out with me.


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